summer charity


August 11, 2018
Co-ed 6-player indoor

Co-ed Volleyball Tournament

Guaranteed 4 games per team. Entry fee is $250.00 for up to 10 players.  Must have a minimum of 3 female players on court at all times. There will be one certified official as the upref with teams providing all other refs, lines and scorekeepers. Co-ed rules apply.


Charity Games & Registration

The Summer Charity Games will begin with an opening ceremonies for all volleyball particpants at 8am at the Student Life Outdoor Plaza. The games will begin at 8:30pm to 8:00pm. There will be food, entertainment and dining area in the plaza throughout the day. The volleyball tournament will be held in the Student Life Center.

Register your co-ed volleyball team here.



8:00 AM TO 8:25 AM

open ceremonies

Location: UVU Student Life Center

8:30 AM TO 8:00 pM

games begin

Volleyball Tournament Location: Student Life Center
Rugby Tournament Location: McKay Field

all day

all day

Plaza Food Court

8:30 PM

closing ceremony & finale

Closing Ceremony in the Student Life Center
Dance Under the Stars with DJ T-Bagg