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Isaac Halasima

Film Director/Producer

Born in Provo, Utah. Isaac is known mainly for his music videos "Demons" and "Gold" (Demons was nominated for the 2014 MTV/VMA for Rock Video of the Year), he continues to travel around the world working with different bands. He was one of the directors of the Music Documentary series Audio-Files.

Halasima prefers to edit his own work.

Isaac is also an award winning editor in documentaries and film, who gives credit to his 20+ years of dance, both competitively and professionally, for his unique style and pacing in his editing and directing. He still teaches dance in Orem Utah when he gets free time.

He also has done commercial work for Imagine Dragons, Real Salt Lake, Utah Jazz, and Primary Childrens Hospital.

Last year he wrote, directed, shot, edited, along with the VFX Work, and did some of the scoring on his critically praised movie “The Last Descent” which was released in theaters last year. 

And after winning a national advertising award for commercials he directed and helped write for Domo starring Alec Baldwin, he dove into comedy deeper. 

Partnering with VidAngel to create and direct a Stand Comedy series called “Dry Bar Comedy” that has just finished it’s 3rd season and is averaging nearly 10 Million views a week across Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites. It also just picked up its own Dry Bar Comedy radio station on Sirius/XM. 

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