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Bill Louis

Artist behind BiltsLouisArt

Alan Akina has helped thousands of people in Hawaii and across the country to improve their financial lives. He is one of the most dynamic and popular financial authors and speakers in Hawaii. His first book The Super Duper Simple Book on Money became an Amazon #1 Bestselling Book only a day after it launched.

Much of Alan's success is based on his childhood experiences. Growing up in a low-income situation in Hawaii instilled a desire in Alan to find out how money works.

William M. Louis or Bill is the Artist behind BiltsLouisArt.Born in Suva on the island of Fiji, Bill’s artistic talents and inspirations are multifaceted akin to his diverse cultural heritage. His father is Fijian,Samoan and German and his mother is from the island of Tonga in Vava’u. At only1 year old, he migrated with his mother and two of his five siblings to the US in 1984. Growing up in Reno, NV, Bill has lived in various cities includingSeattle and San Francisco, before moving to Salt Lake City in 2011.

Pursuing a passion for the arts from an early age, his stylistic influences pay homage to an experience of surveying vibrant topographies and adapting to changing cultural landscapes, while remaining dedicated to his family and a Polynesian culture rich with tradition.

Cultivating a visual language of his own, Bill’s influences cull from West Coast Graffiti art to early contemporary masters such as Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and PaulGauguin. His street art influences are Revok, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Mr.G. Many of Bill’s recent work have been inspired by digital and cultural art as well.

Emblematic of his knack for merging stylistic identities, BiltsLouisArt is the product of Bill’s graffiti street name"BiltsOne." Including his legal name and Art as a DBA. Bill has dreamt of utilizing his artistic talents and starting his own business in which, he has been able to establish.

Bill specializes in a variety of mediums including Acrylicand Oil Paints, Watercolor, ink, aerosol, sculpture, Music production andDigital Graphic arts. Bill has been a featured artist in many galleries that have showed at UMOCA, Studio Elevn and Impact Hub. He has worked on many projects across the Wasatch front. Bill has collaborated with many street artists from Los Angeles to London. He has painted a variety of businesses both public and private including a 3,200 square foot mural in Sandy, UT at TheSouth Town Mall.  

His latest work comprises of a combination of hisPolynesian culture, graffiti and family. Bill hopes that his art can influence others to use their creative side and to utilize their talents to inspire individuals of all walks of life. Art can be very therapeutic and can help heal people in various ways. Bill would like to help create a pathway for mergingPolynesian artists as well as all creators to leverage their passion of art to make a difference in their communities.

Bill is available on social media platforms including facebook and Instagram under @biltslouisart. Bill resides in Eagle Mountain,Utah. He is married to his beautiful wife Voni Louis and has 4 beautiful children from ages 5 to 10 years old.

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