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“To instill and empower Pacific Islanders with a new vision of who they are, the value of their culture, and the innate capacity they possess to become leaders in today's global industries and society."

PolyStrong.org is a newly established non-profit organization to serve our current and future generations of Pacific Islanders. Our model and program of engagement will focus on introducing current top professionals of Polynesian descent or who have a connection to our culture, who are influencers and leaders in their industry.

We will create a “NETWORK” of these professionals to be positioned as mentors and role models to our youth and parents to provide navigation for them to successfully enter prospective career paths that, as Pacific Islanders, they may have never been considered. We believe that through this engagement they will have confidence to pursue whatever field they believe is best for them and their families. We will place an emphasis on the value of cultural capital that will anchor them to family-based principles to enhance their resumes and market value as cultural diversity influencers.

Cultural Capital: Sociology. The skills, education, norms, and behaviors acquired by members of a social group that can give them economic and other advantages.
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